Through The New School’s International Field Program (IFP), ten graduate students are living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during Summer 2016. With a background in international affairs, economics, and journalism, these students are participating in internships with local and international organizations. Their internship placements include project planning, monitoring and evaluation, teaching, working with youth and community groups, and facilitating a workshop series with local graduate students. In addition, several of the students will be conducting primary research for a thesis course in the fall.

The students have prepared for the IFP since Fall 2015 by attending a weekly seminar where professionals and alumni of The New School shared about their experiences in Ethiopia. A weekly Amharic language class allowed students to develop basic conversation skills and learn about cultural norms through their instructor, Simegn Mantegbosh. The IFP Faculty Coordinator for Ethiopia, Mark Johnson, worked collaboratively with Yosef Akalu, the Local IFP Coordinator, to prepare students for life in Addis and to secure internship placements.

This blog features a collection of work experiences, observations, and vignettes in order to give insight into the growth of the students academically, professionally, and personally. It will also showcase how the students are able to use their skills to advance the work of a variety of organizations in Addis Ababa.

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  1. I love the blog Caitlin! Wow you and the women are super busy – keep up the good work. Love and miss you very much, Aunt Terri – uncle Bobby, Taylor and Samantha say hi too 😉


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