Amanda Novello

Amanda is pursuing a Master of Economics degree from the New School for Social Research. She became interested in economics as a tool for analyzing complex social problems, including domestic and global inequality. While at the New School, she became engaged with related social issues, such as the lack of representation of the female voice in economics, the neglect of environmental sustainability in economic models, and the dominance of western capitalism in driving the globalized ideology of economic growth. She is pursuing these interests further by co-founding a student organization dealing with environmentalism in economics, and also by joining the IFP program. As Ethiopia has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world, she believes it is a perfect case for studies on the inclusivity of growth. Further, Amanda has always been an avid explorer, with an openness to accept seemingly foreign places as home, whether for school, work, or play. She looks forward to history, hiking, and all of the fresh roasted coffee and tea.