Consortium of Self Help Group Approach Promoters (CoSAP) is an umbrella of Ethiopian resident Charities that are engaged in promoting the Self Help Group Approach. CoSAP is registered as Ethiopian residents’ charity by the Charities and Societies agency under the registration number 1590. It is the only legally mandated consortium to represent the SHG approach promoting organizations. Before reestablishing itself as a consortium in 2009 CoSAP played a leading role in promoting the approach under the auspices of the National Coordination office since 2002. Currently CoSAP has 28 members (see members profile) who are promoting SHG approach for women’s socioeconomic enhancement.

These 28 member organizations have formed 11,195 SHG groups to the benefit of 206,700 women, who were able to save a total capital of 75.4 Million ETB (USD 4.8) in funds. At present, the SHG approach is being actively promoted in all of the regions and administrative cities across Ethiopia, with the exception of Tigray and Gambella.


  • To see vibrant people’s/women’s institutions that strive for sustainable development in Ethiopia.


  • The consortium serves to enhance the capacity of SHG member organizations through facilitating vital partnerships and networking, providing the necessary research and documentation and mobilizing resources to create an enabling environment for the overall empowerment of disadvantaged women in Ethiopia and further promote the self -help group approach.