6/3: Pictures & Blurbs of Latest Experiences

Favorite Experiences and Sites from the last week: 

The Oromia region: this area is about an hour and a half outside of Addis and is one of the largest regions in Ethiopia, home to the Oromo people.This was a picture on our way to the Managesha Suba Forest. Oromia is more rural than Addis. While driving through this region you hear and see less and less cars and see more and more cattle, horses, and donkeys. My eyes were glued to the window every time we traveled to this region. The area is beyond beautiful!


The Managesha Suba Forest: said to be the oldest national forest in Africa. Baboons hiked along-side with us, a Menelik Bush Buck kept me company while nature called (pun-fully intended) during the hike, and birds sang to us while we huffed and puffed our way to the top! Though we did not make it to the peek, this hike was a beautiful trip outside of the city.

Fendika: This place has to be my favorite spot in Addis so far! This place is owned by Melaku Belay a world renown dancer and artist. He and his band EthioColor preform every couple weeks providing the neighborhood an awesome experience; bridging traditional music, culture and dance to the youthful nightlife that exists in Addis. Fendika is a bar, a place where local singers and dancers preform and an art gallery. Fendika is a super cozy and hip spot that is a must-see while in Addis. Melaku, born to a mother who was an internal refugee, and his group offer not only talent but an extremely genuine, down to earth and humble energy that gets foreigners as well as locals excited about Ethiopian culture and history.