Asebe Teferi

So this week we were able to test our data collection instruments. We went to a place called Asebe Teferi which is also the place that Haille Selassie was born. The town was a semi-urban area. It was nice to get away from Addis for a bit. The rapid assessment team consisted of Gina, Diana and myself. We drove about 5-6 hours east to reach Asebe Teferi in a pickup truck with our fellow teammate Kasa and a driver named Yosef. Along the way, we saw many different terrains as well as many different animals. We saw camels, baboons, donkeys, wild dogs and a lot of people on the rural roads. I found it interesting that people were so willing to hitchhike to the next town on the side of the road. Attachment-1

The actual work we did was very cool. We worked with 3 Cluster Level Associations(CLA) and 1 Self Help Group(SHG) during our time there. The CLA’s are the next step for the SHG’s after proving success as members of the SHG system. We gathered a lot of data on how these women were responding to the drought and we were able to better gauge levels of resiliency among these women. We have a much longer field visit next week as we will be moving into Southern Ethiopia to two different towns. That will be fun, but the drive will probably be horrible!IMG_2700