First Week of Internships

For my first week at my internship, I was only able to attend 3 days out of the 5. Unfortunately, during the middle of the week I decided to have a bowl of apple jacks cereal that I bought with me from the states, with expired milk. I had terrible diarrhea and nausea.


Above picture is my co-workers on our commute to CoSAP!

However, the time I spent at the internship was great! Things were a little slow at first but I appreciated that because I was still getting used to Addis and the commute to work. It gave me time to adjust and understand my environment a little. At the organization that I am working for this summer, CoSAP, Richard and I will be evaluating the org’s program on Disaster and drought relief and resilience. More specifically on the drought crisis that women are facing in various areas of Ethiopia. So for our first week, we were given many documents based on the evaluation of the 3 yearlong project, instruments, methodologies, findings etc. Richard and I also researched information and references on the term “resilience” which came in handy in a recent meeting about out field trip. The objective of the field visit is to interview women in SHG’s and hopefully discover that they have been benefiting from the training and programs.

I am excited to be participating in a field visit for my job, since it will be the first time I have this kind of task from a job! I think I may get nervous right before leaving to the sites just because I want to make sure I will do a good job for CoSAP and hopefully meet some amazing women!


In the office at CoSAP.