Lalibela was otherworldly amazing. A truly lovely place. I’ve never considered myself particularly holy, but I certainly felt like it while I was their. The history and ingenuity behind the formation of the holy city and its rock-hewn churches is quite astonishing. They were built by the brilliant King Lalibela in the 12th century  as a replica of Jerusalem. The designs for each church came to him in a vision from God! What’s more incredible is that each church was carved out of a single rock and with very little tools. It took 23 years for the 11 churches to be completed, which is a very short time considering the detail, number, size and overall magnificence of the churches. Everything about Lalibela was enchanting, from the amazing architecture, to the lush, green landscape to the generous people, like the store-owner who invited us for a coffee ceremony, and our lively tour guide Habtamu.

It made it even better that I got to take the trip with my homies Ally and Diana, we were  the three amigas taking in all of the cities wonders. It was a wonderful way for us to wrap up our time together in Ethiopia. I’m grateful that I got to experience Lalibela, and I hope to go again before I die. I believe everyone should!